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Advertising Poker Card

1. Playing cards for advertising, low cost and high efficiency.

    China is the world's leading producer and exporter of poker, with more than 1.2 billion active poker players. Poker has a broad mass base, is easy to carry, save, and can be used repeatedly, coupled with the ultra-low cost of industrialized production, the media characteristics of poker are more and more clearly revealed, compared to newspapers, magazines and television media. The unique effect of poker advertising is recognized by more and more enterprises and institutions.

    Successful business is inseparable from marketing. Many companies send a large number of promotional color pages at the exhibition, but the visitors accept it and throw it away. Most of the hard-working color pages are swept into the trash; many times, the beautiful albums are a few yuan, a dozen yuan. It will also be lost by the visitors. Compared to the color pages, the area of 54 cards is 5.5 times that of A4 paper, and the promotion lasts much longer. The magical effect of the Iraq war all night is the best proof.

2. Poker specifications:

(1) Billboard and bridge: 8.7×5.7cm (single pair, double pair, four pairs)

(2) Big name: 8.7×6.2cm

(3) Spanish playing cards (a pair of 40/50 sheets): 9.5 x 6.2 cm 8.7 x 5.7 cm

(4) French card (a pair of 78/54/32/44 sheets): 11.3×6cm 8.7×5.7cm 8.6×5.6cm

(5) Russian card (a pair of 54/36 sheets): 9×5.7cm 8.7×5.7cm

3. Why is advertising poker more expensive than regular poker?

    To answer this question, first of all, to see why regular poker is so cheap.

    Poker printing is a traditional labor-intensive industry. A large poker factory usually has the capacity of hundreds of thousands of Nissan poker and an annual output of 200-300 million. Because ordinary poker is a template, printing and quality inspection are fixed, workers are easy to train, low cost, and production equipment runs at high speed. Therefore, the poker factory wins by scale, the larger the scale and the lower the cost. We usually see poker with a retail price of 2 yuan or 2.5 yuan, the wholesale price is only 1 yuan or 1.2 yuan, 54 cards plus poker box, the size is equivalent to 6 A4 paper size, and is double-sided printing . Even if no other fees are calculated. Its unit cost is also much cheaper than regular color pages. Most poker factories produce a pair of ordinary poker with a profit of only 0.03 yuan to 0.04 yuan.

Advertising poker is so expensive, mainly due to the following factors:

1) The production process is interrupted and the production capacity is reduced. Because the number of printed advertisements for advertising poker is usually less than 50,000, or even 10,000, the number is very small compared to a production line with nearly one million pairs of Nissan. According to the actual experience, a Nissan million ordinary poker production line, if printing advertising poker, each 50,000 pairs, its daily production capacity will drop to 650,000 pairs; if each 10,000 pairs, its daily production capacity dropped to 290,000 Vice, that is, the cost of wages will increase by 236%.

2) Paper costs are higher. Ordinary poker generally uses 240gsm to 255gsm of whiteboard paper. The advertising poker uses 260g/m2, 270g/m2 copper core paper, even 300gsm, 330gsm imported high-grade black core paper (paper used in Las Vegas, USA), for example, a 330gsm The price of imported high-grade black core special paper is 80-90 million yuan, and this piece of paper can only print two pairs of poker cores. Naturally, the cost will be much higher. The paper cost per regular poker is only 0.40 to 0.50 yuan.

3) Taxation costs. The reality in China is that ordinary poker is basically a cash transaction in various distribution environments (such as the small commodity trading market) and does not involve taxation issues. Advertising poker generally requires a one-to-one formal invoice. In China, the tax cost is generally 6.5% to 7%.

4) Plate making costs, etc. Ordinary poker can basically ignore the cost of making plates, while the cost of making advertising poker is 3.3% (50,000 pairs) ~ 16% (10,000 pairs).

4. Is there a big difference in the paper for advertising poker?

    Different papers have different hardness, stiffness and flexibility. It is an important aspect of forming a poker grade and showing the strength of customers. The quality and price difference are large. Our factory has high, medium and low-grade poker papers. It is recommended that customers choose the right paper in the case of good design.

5. How is poker designed?

    The customer provides relevant information (CD or picture, text), we can design it. If the customer design is good, you can use the QQ to pass over or express it, we make a plate. Various popular formats such as Freehand/Illustrator/Photoshop are available. If it is an image, its resolution should be 300-350dpi. If you use a very special font, please give us the font.

6. Can a general printing house produce poker?

    "The so-called industry has a special job." Compared to general printing, although the pre-process is the same, the poker printing process is much more complicated (generally 16 processes). The general printing factory does not have special post-processing equipment for poker, and there are no professional technicians. They lack skilled workers, quality inspectors, and high production costs. Some of the printer's salesmen dare to say anything, but they have lost their customers and lost their credibility. We have seen this kind of poker with our own eyes: because of the problem of the glazing material formula, the board is black and sturdy; and the touch is uneven and the deviation is large.

7. What is the amount of advertising gift poker?

    Generally 10,000 pairs are ordered. The collection of poker, small conference gifts, the number of small, the price is high.



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