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Playing Card Misunderstand

When I talked with some customers, I often found that they had some misunderstandings about playing cards. Now I have some common misunderstandings to analyze.

Myth #1: Some customers think that the number of grams of playing paper represents good or bad, the number of good papers is large, and the number of bad papers is small. This is obviously wrong. The correct meaning of grams is the weight of one square meter of paper, such as We say that 280 grams of paper means that the paper is 280 grams per square meter, which is a measure. In addition, when the paper is sold, it is calculated by the tonnage. Knowing the grams of paper can calculate the actual area of one ton of paper, and can also calculate how many decks of paper can be made for this ton of paper. In the production of the same quality of playing card paper, the greater the number of grams, the greater the thickness, for different quality of playing paper, it is also impossible to compare the thickness, because the density is not the same, so can not compare, for example, like a pound The difference between the veil and the pound of iron is the same. From the above analysis, it can be seen that the number of grams has nothing to do with the quality of the paper, but a basis for converting the weight and area of the paper.

Misunderstanding 2: Black core paper is the best paper. It can be said that China Black Core Paper is the best high-grade paper in China, because the pulp of Chinese high-grade black core paper. The content of rice pulp is relatively high, and it is added in the middle of the paper. A layer of technology, the cost has also increased, China Black Core paper 10,000 yuan a ton of paper, so made the playing card flexibility. Flexibility. The stiffness is very good, of course, the price is also high, after all, is a good thing. Some paper mills and poker factories can't do it. In order to have black core paper, they started to make their hands and feet, made the recycled waste paper into waste pulp, and added a layer of black raw material pigment to make paper as black core paper. This kind of paper is harmful to people's bodies. Small poker factories often enter this kind of paper. Because the price is cheap, they have more than 4,000 yuan of a ton of paper. If you think about it, is it that paper is incomparable, which means why it is really The price of black core paper is high. If you encounter the price of black core paper, you must pay attention.

Misunderstanding 3: White cardboard (copper paper) is better than special paper for poker. In fact, it can't be said that white cardboard (copper paper) we usually make poker boxes, and small boxes made with white cardboard. It can also be used for playing cards, because the paper color of the copper card is white and the grade is high. Some customers choose the coated paper to make poker.

Myth 4: Poker branding is a type of paper. Fabric is a production process, not a paper type. All high-middle and low-end poker papers can be pressed to make it a textured paper. Although the texture of the poker is good, it reduces the elasticity of the poker, and the paper is thinned because the cloth is a piece of playing paper that is squeezed by two rubber rollers.



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