How does the playing card make?

1.Poker Card Paper

The paper used for playing cards is custom-made from the paper mill. The two-layer paperboard is bonded by colored glue, which is the black interlayer pigment as shown below. With this structure, the cardboard is prevented from being seen through.


2.Storage environment

The paper used for playing cards needs to be “absolutely” flattened from storage to manufacturing. The warehouse will use an industrial humidifier to control the humidity of the card stock to prevent the cardboard from being deformed due to drying.

3.Check sample

Before making a print template, the technician checks the design of the cardboard. Not only check the version on the computer, but also print out a low-resolution sample image, carefully check the color, order, color and layout of each card, and the sample image can be printed without confirmation. This method of inspection is generally common for high-volume printing, whether it is newspapers, books, calendars or posters, all have the same operation.

4.Injecting ink

The worker then injects four colors of blue, black, red, and yellow into the ink cartridges of the industrial press. Each color of ink passes through 16 rollers to ensure even spray.


The single-sided printed cardboard is pressed by the rubber mat, and each printed paper is flattened and stacked.Then the paper is turned over and sent back to the printer to print the back, or multi-color overprint, the picture below is the back of the blue has been printed.

6.Cut into cards and make corner

After the front and back sides are printed, the cardboard is fed into the paper cutter, and the rotating roller blades cut the paperboard into strips. Then cross-cut into a single card. A printed cardboard comes out with a pair of cards, which are assembled into a pair and sent to a pair of pairs to send round corners.

7.Shrinked Wrapped

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