Board Game Acrylic Dice

  • Standard Game Dice Set
  • Standard Game Dice Set
  • Standard Game Dice Set

Standard Game Dice Set

  • Weight (KG)          0.06

    Materials               Acrylic  Weight (KG)         

    Dice quantity        7 

    Dice Color            Solid color, Multi color, Transparent

                                  Custom Made according to customer

    Painting Color     Custom made

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The 7-dice set consists of a d4 (four-sided dice), d6, d8, d10, d10-percentile, d12, and the d20. Each dice is important and will be used at different times and in different situations, depending on the circumstance your character finds itself in.


Customer can choose many type of dice set from HJM board game, solid dice, double color dice, transparent color etc. We also provide the different packaging for the dice set. Zip Bag, Clear plastic box and bottle, cloth bag etc


HJM board game which have over many years of dice and plastic injection experience, have been concerning about the customer feeling of the dice playing. Every technological breakthrough in our factory gives us chance to make better dice.

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