Custom Printed Board Game Box

  • Custom Board Game 2 Piece Box
  • Custom Board Game 2 Piece Box

Custom Board Game 2 Piece Box

  • Product:      2 piece box

    Materail:     Cardboard, plastic, wood, tin

    Dimension: Custom cutting

    Printing:      4C/0C

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From the beginning of human civilization, there was the beginning of the board game. Almost all kinds of ancient civilization and even some prehistoric civilization can find traces of board game. In a large number of historical documents and archaeological sites, we have found evidence of the existence of it.


The modern revival of board games began in the early 20th century, with the formation of the middle class in western countries. Because this group has the time and money conditions for leisure consumption and has a good education, they naturally become the recipients of this game. This kind of game became more popular after World War II, a large number of board games were created by simulating the operation of competitive games in the way of games, including a large number of prototypes with the theme of virtual war, which became the golden age of the development of board games.


Board games usually have multiple accessories, so when they are sold, they are usually placed in boxes, with a wide variety of materials and shapes. The most commonly used is 2 piece box. Two piece box is generally made of grey board, which is hard and stiff, easy to open and close, and can be repeatedly used without damage. From the traditional square, rectangle, to round, hexagon, trapezoid, polygon and other irregular shapes, there is everything that one expects to find.


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