Custom Printed Board Game Box

  • Custom Printing Board Game Tin Box
  • Custom Printing Board Game Tin Box
  • Custom Printing Board Game Tin Box

Custom Printing Board Game Tin Box

  • Product: Tin box

    Material: Tin

    Diameter: Custom cutting

    Painting: Friendly paint

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Tin box is made of tin, which is not easy to rust. Tin box packaging has a wide range of coverage as a packaging because of its good sealing, preservation, lightproof, firmness and unique metal decoration charm. It is a general packaging variety in the world. It has strong oxidation resistance. It can be made into boxes of various shapes and printed with various exquisite patterns.


Board game tin box is used as a package to protect the accessories in board game. Because of the tightness and opacity of the tin box, it can protect the accessories in the game from oxidation or fading and aging due to light and other reasons. It can make the service life of board game longer, especially for those board games with collection significance.


At the same time, tin box is stronger and more durable than paper box, and it is hard to break. The printing pattern on the box will have metallic luster due to the material, which is brighter than the ordinary printing color. Because of its hardness and toughness, tin box can be made into various concave and convex effects and shapes. With a specific board game printing pattern, it can make a variety of boxes consistent with the board game theme.