Custom Printed Board Game Box

  • Board Game Wooden Box
  • Board Game Wooden Box
  • Board Game Wooden Box

Board Game Wooden Box

  • Product:    Wooden box

    Material:   Wood

    Dimesion : Custom cutting

    Painting:    Friendly paint

  • Online orders

The wood we use to make board game box is usually not log wood, but plywood. Plywood is a three-layer or multi-layer plate-like material, which is made of veneer or planing wood, and then glued with adhesive. This is to make full and reasonable use of forest resources to develop plywood production and make full use of the materials.


Plywood has balanced high strength and is not easy to shrink, expand or deform. It will not crack when nailing or screwing. Because plywood is a man-made board, it has a wide range of dimensions, which can be customized according to different needs. Plywood is light in weight and easy to produce, move and install.


So our board game wooden box also has these advantages. The surface is flat and not easy to deform. It can match the theme of board game to print patterns and logos on it. With certain moisture absorption, it can effectively protect various accessories in board game from moisture deformation. The most important thing is that wooden box is an environmental protection package, which is non-toxic, non irritating and pollution-free, and plays a very positive role in environmental protection.


We can customize wooden boxes of various shapes and sizes according to your needs. We can customize various printing services for you, and also make some wooden boxes decorated with flocking or leather.

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