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  • Board Game Saddle Switich Rule Book

Board Game Saddle Switich Rule Book

  • Product:   Saddle switich rule book

    Material:  128/157 gsm Art Paper

    Deminsion: According to customer requirement

    Printing : 4C/4C

    Binding: Saddle stitch

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The rule book is a relatively detailed description of something or thing in an applied style, which is convenient for people to know and understand something. Board game rule book is a manual to introduce specific rules and precautions of board game to people.


Saddle switch is a method of book binding. It's usually referred to as "flat wire nails," like our most common staples. But in the process of production, the saddle switch is not always made in advance, like staples. Instead, the machine cuts a section of wire from a roll of wire, nails it into the paper, and bends and fixes the wire on the other side of the paper. This allows you to customize the most appropriate size based on the thickness of the rule book.


The number of pages of a rule book bound with a saddle switch must be a multiple of 4, otherwise there will be blank pages or the book cannot be bound due to missing pages. It also has requirements for the hardness and thickness of paper. Generally, it is suitable for paper with moderate thickness instead of paper board. Therefore, the overall thickness of rule book should not be too large, otherwise the bound book will not be smooth enough. The spine of rule book, which is bound with a saddle switch, is narrow and arc-shaped, and obviously shows the wire used for bookbinding, so it cannot be printed on the spine.

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