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  • Board Game Hardcover Rule Book

Board Game Hardcover Rule Book

  • Product: Hard cover rule book

    Material: 128/157 gsm Art Paper

    Dimension: According to customer

    Printing: CMYK

    Binding: Saddle stitch

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Hardcover book is a kind of book binding method, which is equipped with a protective hardback cover and generally adopts cardboard. Hardcover book is a kind of beautiful and easy to keep book, and also has a certain collection value. Hardcover books are mainly made by processing various shapes on the cover, back and corner of the book core. There are various processing methods and forms, such as book core processing, such as round back (ridged or not ridged), square back, square angle and round corner, etc.


Because the hardcover book needs to have a certain thickness, it is difficult to make a hardcover book from the instructions of ordinary games. Generally, board games that require hardcover rule book are large-scale strategy games, with many attributes or skills of personas, and many scenes and condition clues in the process of the game. Therefore, detailed description is needed to complete the game.


Board game hardcover rule book also has a certain collection value, especially some large well-known board game rule books, which can be popular for decades, and its rule book will also be sought after by people as a commemorative collection.