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  • Board Game Paperback Rule book
  • Board Game Paperback Rule book

Board Game Paperback Rule book

  • Product: Soft cover rule book

    Material: Paper

    Diameter: Custom cutting

    Painting: Friendly paint

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Soft cover book is simple in technology, low in cost and convenient for mechanized production. The most common process of soft cover book is adhesive paperback. Adhesive binding is a popular binding process with the emergence of synthetic adhesive. There are two kinds of adhesive binding, cold glue and hot melt glue.


The production process of board game soft cover rule book is as follows: 1. Make film plate for printing. Check the layout content on the rule book, reserve the blood area, and transfer it to the film plate. 2. Printing. Install the film plate on the printing machine and finish printing. 3,die cut。 Put the printed paper into the pre-made mold for die cutting and cut paper into the required size. 4. Binding. According to the size and thickness of rule book to bind, the most appropriate binding process is generally glued.


Soft cover is relative to hard cover. Hard cover usually uses card board, leather, fabric, plastic, etc. as the cover. Some book ridges are covered with cloth, which requires high technology and looks gorgeous. The soft cover technology is simple and low-cost, which is more suitable for most board games.