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  • Board Game Coil Binding Rule Book
  • Board Game Coil Binding Rule Book

Board Game Coil Binding Rule Book

  • Product:   Coil Binding rule book

    Material:   128 gsm Paper

    Dimension:  According to customer

    Printing:    4C/4C

    Binding :   Spring

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Spring rule book is a book that uses spring to fix instruction paper. Generally speaking, there are metal spring rule books and plastic spring rule books. Plastic spring is commonly used because of its low cost, light weight and portability.


Its biggest characteristic is convenient to open and close, it can open and level the book completely, and it can also fold in half neatly. Any page of the book can be used as the starting page, which is convenient to continue reading at any time. Because as a board game specification, it needs to give the player a detailed description and explain the purpose of each props. In particular, as a beginner, you may need to follow the instructions in each sentence of the manual and compare the corresponding accessories in the game. Spring instruction can be completely opened or even stand on the desktop no matter its size or its staying on any page, which is more convenient to compare the contents and objects of the instruction manual, or to stay at the corresponding position of the instruction manual at any time in case of any incomprehension, to check and understand repeatedly at any time, so that the instruction manual can really play its greatest role.

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