Custom Printed Board Game Board

  • Board Game Folded Game Board

Board Game Folded Game Board

  • Product:       Folded game board

    Material:      157 art paper+2mm grey board + 120 black card

    Dimesion:    According to customer 

    Printing :      4C/0C

    Board Fold:  4 fold/6 fold          

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Of board games, the most common is game board. According to the requirements of the game board, the size is big or small, but the board game box cannot always be the same size as the game board, which requires us to make the folded game board.


The number of fold times of game board depends on its size. The most common ones are 2 fold, 3 fold, 4 fold and 6 fold. Because the game board has a certain thickness and hardness, according to the requirements of the number of folds, sometimes it needs to cut the whole game board, sometimes it needs to cut a part, but after opening the game board, the printing patterns on it must be continuous, which will not affect the normal progress of the game.


The production of the folded game board has greatly solved the problem of packaging and transportation of board game, because we can fold the game board into the most appropriate size for packaging instead of deciding the packaging size according to the maximum size of the game board. At the same time, because of the appearance of the folded game board, it can let the board not stick to the fixed size, and can make the game design richer and more interesting.

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