Custom Printed Board Game Board

  • Board Game Multi Layer Mount Board
  • Board Game Multi Layer Mount Board

Board Game Multi Layer Mount Board

  • Product  :       Multi layer mount board

    Top   :            250CCNB+1.5mm Grey Board

    Bottom :        400 gsm cardboard

    Dimension:    Custom cutting

    Printing:         4C/4C printing           

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Game board is generally made of one or more layers of card board or SBS material, because it 

needs a certain thickness. But sometimes, according to the needs of the game, have multi layer 

mount board, not because of the thickness or hardness requirements, but because the game board needs to die-cut different shapes and patterns in each layer, or need to expose the printed patterns on different layers. In such a design, it is generally necessary to place special game tokens or other accessories at the location designated by game board, sometimes for some special 3D visual effects, so that the game looks more cool.


Multi-layer mounted board is relatively complex in technology, which requires multiple mounted and die cut, which requires rich production experience to complete. Because after many times of mounting, the pattern on the board will appear small and uncontrollable dislocation. At the same time, in the process of die cut, there will also be die-cutting errors within the range, so in the final multi layer mounted board, the pattern corresponding cannot be 100% accurate, there will be some errors. This problem can be taken into account in the design. It is better not to place the die-cutting position on thin lines or complex patterns. Die cutting edge is best monochrome block or thick line area.