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  • Board Game Punch Board
  • Board Game Punch Board

Board Game Punch Board

  • Product:    Punch Board

    Material:   250CCNB+1.5mm grey board +250CCNB

    Diameter:  Custom cutting

    Printing:    4C/4C  Offset printing

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Punch board is paper token or paper disc in a sense. Because token and disc are generally made of plastic 

materials, if you want to print layout or make special shapes on them, the cost is higher, so as a more 

environmentally friendly and easier to print, the punch board is favored by people.


The process and manufacturing method of punch board are similar to that of game board. But the size of 

the punch board is generally smaller, so it is easier to print. At the same time, because of the small size, 

punch board can be more complex and changeable in die-cutting, and can cut out various patterns. In 

printing, the punch board is usually printed on both sides, and there are many in the game. A game can 

contain multiple sizes and shapes of punch boards.


Research shows that board game, as a puzzle game, can effectively prevent aging. The incidence rate of 

Alzheimer's disease is less than 1% of the incidence rate of the general population. Some mild Alzheimer's 

patients play puzzle games, which can slow down or even prevent the development of the disease, and a 

few patients have a certain degree of intellectual recovery.