Custom Printed Board Game Board

  • Custom Printed Board Game Mounted Board
  • Custom Printed Board Game Mounted Board

Custom Printed Board Game Mounted Board

  • Product: Mounted Board

    Material: Card board

    Diameter: Custom cutting

    Painting: Friendly paint

  • Online orders

Mounted is the process of mounting the paper completely without gaps. In this way, the mounted game board pastes paper onto the cardboard, or pastes two or more layers of card boards together. This is based on the needs of game board. Because some game boards need strong load-bearing force or thick to be used, the thicker game board can be obtained by using this process, and the glue in the middle can also increase the toughness of the board, so that the board is not easy to break.


Sometimes, due to the needs of technology or effect, other materials will be mounted on board. For example, the cloth feels soft and has special texture. This kind of board feels soft and comfortable and can also print various fine patterns. It can also be made of leather. The leather surface is smooth, elastic and has certain friction. It is especially suitable for board of chess games.


Our company specializes in the production of game board, including mounted board, folded board, multi layer mount board. We can provide quality sample for free, if any needs please email to me.

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