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Custom Priting Telescope Box

Classic Board Game Box Style
Box Style:2 piece Box (Rigid Box)
Materials : Art Paper+ Grey board
Finishing : UV, Linen, Gold Foil


Telescope box also named 2 piece box , lid and bottom box,very classic box style which is popular in board game circle for many years.

A good box will make an great impression for game player. So we should consider the components weight to choose the box thickness, components arrangement to decide the box dimension.  Too big box will cause box cost too high and more shipping cost. Too small box will have no enough space to hold everything which cause unhappy feeling for player. So contact HJM team to get more professional suggestion for

Your game box. 


1. Cost effective

Compare to other rigid box,Telescope box is more cost effective. Telescope box use less material without magnet and other materials. Meanwhile, One machine can produce lid and bottom at the same time, no need add other part on the box.  So it save much labor cost and time.


2. Strong stability

  Adopting 2 piece design,lid cover the bottom which provide more stability and protect. This type design can make the box have more big space to hold more components and prevent some damage which come from shipping and other place.


Special Finishing:

1. Spot UV

2. Gold Finishing

3. Lamination

4. Debossing

5. Embossing



1. Anti Scratch Lamination

Please told us if your design is dark color artwork when request any quotation. Because of every small scratch will cause the box very obviously especially dark color design on it.


2. Box height

Please not make the box too high. Because too high box will cause materials waste. The ideal height is 70-95 cm for telescope box. 




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