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Custom make Game Miniature

Product Plastic Miniature
Materials Pvc
Diameter According to File
Color Single Color


Miniature, which is widely used in board game which instead of wooden or plastic pawn. 

Miniature game is very popular in palyer. Not only th game is interesting, but also many miniature are amazing art.  There are many fans who like only the miniature game.  Now miniature are very common component in board game and is popular with game designer and player.  

There are many super success game which is classic until now,For example,Nemisis etc


Miniature are made of  pvc materials. One of the important factor of good miniature is mold, so qualified mold lead to the qualified product.

Our mold factory have over 20 years mold making experience and good at complex mold making. They have make many quality mold for

many classic game, Nemisis,Star War etc

Our injection molding team also has rich experience. Unfortunately the factory who make Nemisis Game miniaturure was closed in the 

year when the epidemic began. Now our injection molding team is the original team of the nemesis game. They are all masters with 

more than ten years of injection molding experience.

What need if make a miniature 

1. STL File is necessary

2. The dimension of the miniature 




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