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How to choose card materials for your game

How to choose card materials for your game

Many designer is very confuse how to choose their game card materials as they can get many

type recommend from game manufacturer. So how to choose card material is the most important thing which will affect the game quality. Some designer think they don’t want to risk, so choose the best materials for their card, but which cause the game price is very high and make the KS or retail progress slowly



We can class all card materials into 2 category. Poker card materials and normal card materials

Poker card materials include

1. Grey core

2. Blue core

3. Black core


Normal card materials

1. White core

2. Inovy core


The poker card materials is combined with 3 layer paper. The core layer difference make the  different card materials. The core layer function is preventing the light go through the paper so other player cant see the card front content . But different core layer , the transmittance is different. The black is the best,but the grey is the bad.


But poker card materials thickness is usually 280gsm -300gsm, but Normal card materials can reach to 350 gsm. So it is good for some card which just use for player board.



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