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Setup cost for Different Printing Plate

Setup cost for Different Printing Plate


There is setup cost for offset printing ( Paper printing) . The setup cost mean whatever your quantity is,  if lower than the the MOQ, the printing cost is same.


But Why there will be setup cost for printing? This need starts with the working principle of the printing machines. The printing press is not as precise as we thought. Although it is also controlled by computer, it achieves the color effect of printing through 4-color superposition.


The printing press was originally designed to increase production , not precision. Therefore, we will find that the color effect of inkjet printer will be better than printing printer. But printing machine color can correct by worker, so people can make the printing effect correctly though adjust the different basic color output.


The debugging of printing press needs a huge waste of time. Maybe it only takes 5 minutes to print 500 boxes or game board , game card , but it often takes 4-5 hours to correct the colors.

But in 4-5 hour, printing machine can print at least 500k paper. We also dont calculate the paper waste which use in correcting color


Therefore, the smaller the quantity, the higher the price. This is not that the manufacturer hopes to make more profits, but the prime production cost.














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