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UV Printing and Silk Printing

UV Printing and Silk Printing


We often hope print some beautiful content on woodenplastic or cloth. These materials cant use offset printing like paper and printing cost is usually high and color number will be limited.


Silk printing

Silk screen printing is one of the earliest printing methods, which claims that it can print except air and water. However, it has great limitations. Silk printing only can print 1-2 colors at most. This leads to the limitation of design being greatly improved. With the improvement of technology, silk screen printing can print up to 3 colors, which is very difficult and expensive


UV printing

UV printing is a revolution in printing. Through the form of four-color inkjet, color patterns can be displayed on materials. Color number isnt limited.


Cost for different printing

Wooden token: Same cost

Cloth: UV printing is much expensive than Silk printing

Plastic: Same cost for all










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