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Custom Shape Game Meeple

Product: Custom Meeple

Materials: Beech Wooden

Diameter: Custom cutting

Painting: Friendly paint

Printing: UV printing


Meeple is a type of 2D pawn which is cutting by laser cutting machine. But many designer hope to get some pawn which can match the game 

theme. So 2D custom cutting Meeple becomes important part of the board game. Laser cutting make the wooden without limit of the shape and

much reduce the manufacturing cost. 

Our wooden token are all use good quality Schima superba, this kind of wood has high density, is not easy to crack and is heavy.

We can custom make various meeple according to customer design file. Please don't make the meeple too thick, otherwise the laser path will 

be easy to shift

What we need for custom meeple

1. Design file of the meeple

2. The thickness of the meeple

3. The length and width of the meeple




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