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Custom Printed Game Screen

Board Game Screen is a component which is widely use by game deisgner. We can make thick paper screen or mounted screen. We highly recommend mounted screen which is more durable and deluex.


    Game Screen are ideal to hide game pieces and game cards from surrounding players, which enhance the intensity and suspense throughout game play. They are simple and effective, not to mention easy to create and can make your game look even more professional. Perfect for many types of board games and card games

Screen Thick Paper

Usually use thick paper or 2 layer paper mount which can make the screen more dualble or strength


Screen Mounted Board

Mount Screen is make by greyboard with double side printing. It is more durable and more deluex

1701854853927293.jpg        1701854939348695.jpg

We don't recommend too thin paper to make screen because the paper is very easy to deformate.

If paper is too thin which will cause the screen hard to stand on the table stably




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