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Custom Printed Punch Board

Size: According to Customer
Materials: CCNB+Grey Board
Thickness:1.5mm /2.0mm/2.5mm/3.0mm
Progess: Mount
Special : Spot UV,Gold Foil


Punch board is board game token board, collecting all the marks, tokens, standees, and coins which will use in the game printing on one or several game board then die cutting. Game players themselves will punch out the token or standee and sort them according to different usage.


Punch board is a great component with many advantage

1.       Reduce the mistake of assemble

  Whether handwork or machine, the QC and assemble of token has always been a big challenge for mass        

  production. But Punch board is super easy to check and hard to mistake assemble

2. Reduce the token making cost even whole game price

       Compare to wooden or plastic token, punch board making cost is always much cheaper than them. It make 

       many great game coming into game market and player with an economic price

3. Easy to print and create more space for designer

Although UV printing and heat transfer printing rapid develope , but the effort and cost is hard compare with 

offset printing.

So In the design and making of board games, punch board is still one of the irreplaceable and widely popular components.  But also bring the big challenge to production

1.  Mount accuracy

Many factory still use handwork to mount the punch board. HJM use visual positioning system which can 

control the error of the mount within 0.3mm. Fully meeting the demand of many designers


2.  Die cutting accuracy

     In order to control the error of die-cutting, experienced die-cutting masters have been specially hired.  Try to 

     control every product with zero error


3.  100% QC

In Board game printing, Punch board is a component that is easy to happen quality problems, so the HJM 

team has always adhered to the requirement of 100% inspection to ensure that all factory accessories are 

qualified products






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