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Custom Printed Wooden Dice

Dimension: 12/14/16/18/20/25/30mm
Materials: Wooden
Printing: UV printing /Silk Printing
Dice Type: Round Corner / Square Corner
Dice Color: According to customer
Color : According to customer


Wooden dice is made of Beech wood which type of wood have beautiful grain.Now wooden dice is more and more popular with people as it have a special feeling when hold in your hand and play

Wooden dice is made by CNC machine, so it is a bit expensive than plastic dice. There are 2 type of wooden dice , round corner and square corner which depends on customer.

Customer can choose many color and many size from HJM board game, wooden color, red, blue or any pan tone color. About the printing ,customer also can print the artwork on the each side of the dice. Silk printing and UV printing will be the choice. UV printing is a fashion printing way to solve the complex artwork for the dice. But if the artwork is simple, such as only one color, silk printing is also a good choice.

HJM board game which have over many years of dice making experience, have been concerning about the customer feeling of the dice playing. Every technological breakthrough in our factory gives us chance to make better dice.

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