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Custom printed Standard Game card

Product: Game Card
Materials: White core/Blue core/Black core
Printing : Offset printing
Vanishing: Glossy/Matt
Finishing: Line/Foil/UV
Packaging:Tuck box/ Cellphane


Game card is the most important components in the board game. 

The making progress is same with poker card but not every printer can make it easily

Card materials

White core

Blue core

Black core

The different feeling of them are very little, but some publisher or designer want their game have 

more stength feature , black or blue is not bad choice. But white core with the cheapest price and 

good feeling is most popular in designer and publisher

Vanishing and finishing

gloosy and matte vanishing is 2 type of finishing on the card to protect the card

Some people like linen finishing on the card which is easy for us

Special printing and finishing

Gold foiled

Silver foiled

Sepcial card Size

Common card is standard poker card size ,brige card size,tarrot card

But some customer need special size for their game, such as 63*44 or 63*63 etc

Please check our card mold excel list

We need information for making your card

1. Card dimension and materials

2. Card number 

3. Special Finishing 




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