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Standard plastic game dice

Product: Acrylic Dice
Color: Solid/Transparent
Corner: Round/Straight


Dice has a long history. It is not only an important gambling tool, but also the most important components in table games. He decides the starting order of players and also be a necessary part to meet the rules of the game.


Transparent ,Solid Dice

Usually plastic dice materials is acrylic,  transparent acrylic mixed different color power injected by injection machine, the different color dice are manufactured. If color power is high concentration, the dice will be solid dice.  We will adjust the concentration of color power, different lever color transparent dice will be manufactured.

Double color /Pearl Dice

Double color dice or Pearl dice is inject by double color injection machine. Through 2 colored mixed acrylic materials , temperature control, Mixing of different proportions and computer control. Double color or Pearl dice are very popular by player. So many designer make it as KS strech goal. 

What we need for dice making

a. Pantone color number for dice

b. Dice dimension

c. corner information




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