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Custom make Game plastic insert

Product: Game Insert
Materials: PS/PET
Color: Black/White/Custom Color
Technology: Blister


Plastic insert use blister progress,make the plastic sheet into shaped insert through insert mold. Plastic insert can design according to components shape and number,  to protect each components safe in transportation process. Especailly some game with miniature, safe plastic insert is very important to keep the miniature not be broken. 

Plastic insert Color

Most of plastic insert will choose black color,  because colored plastic sheet need Moq. But black ,white etc color are very common 

and widely use color for plastic insert.  So if game quantity isn't super big, black color insert isn't a bad choice. But if some reason 

must use customed color to match the game theme, also can consult sales to check more solution

Plastic Insert Mold

There are 2 type mold for plastic insert. One is copper mold, the other is Aluminum mold.  Some complexity insert or some game which hope very nice insert,  we suggest use aluminum mold to make insert. But Alumium mold cost is much expensive than copper mold.

Plastic Insert Design

Plastic insert is a 3D components. So we only accept STL or STP file. About the design, we reccommend some professional company

Such as game trays. But we can also do plastic insert design for HJM customer for free.




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