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Custom Printed Acrylic Standee

Acrylic Standee is update version of Paper standee
Popular for many game designer or publisher use for board game deluex version and expansion. Nice artwork and crystal similar materials make your game more popular


With the Various board game rules, designers have been searching for more vivid components to instead of traditional pawns. Of course the 3D minimature is a very good option, but the high mold cost make many game creator to stop. Compared to traditional pawns, Standee allows designers to have more space to creat under their budget. Advanced printing technology also make the best restoration of designer idea. 

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Acrylic Standee Adventure

Acrylic has a crystal like transparent luster, a smooth surface, high hardness, and is not easily damaged.

Laser cutting technology ask acrylic board cutting is easy , and any shape isn't problem. 

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UV and heat transfer printing to maximize the restoration of the Game Artwork.  

Acrylic Stande greatly improving the viewing and fun of the game. It is also the preferred accessory upgrade option for 

expansion or upgraded versions, making your game more collectible.

HJM Board Game Acrylic Product

We specialize in producing customized printed acrylic standees, customizing any size and shape according to product design, 

and packaging combinations according to your requirements.

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